Learn more about our COVID-19 protocols

COVID-19 Procedures & Policies

Like you we have been caught off guard with recent events and the state of our world right now. We care deeply about our workers and their families. We also care about you. We want to make sure this is a safe move for all involved. We are aware that the Governor has rescinded the mask mandate but we are still taking this very seriously and will continue to have our guys wear masks. We have been disinfecting our trucks each night when they come back. We will be wearing masks throughout the move but not gloves, face shields or shoe booties. We have also installed sani-stations on our trucks so the guys can clean their hands frequently through move. We are also asking clients to leave out soap at the sink to give the guys another option to clean their hands. Our guys are instructed to try their best to keep distance from you during the move but we also need your help with this. If possible please try to stay in rooms that the guys aren’t working in and avoid face to face conversation when possible.

We also ask that IF POSSIBLE, spray or wipe down surfaces before/after the move and if you can pay by card, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle or PayPal instead of cash or check that will help to make this contact-less.

We’re all in this together. You have our word that we are doing everything we can do to keep you safe and just ask that you do all you can do to keep our team safe!

Now go wash your hands!